JAMESTOWN AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT FOUNDATION announces its 2018 summer scholarship program for JASD students entering grades 1 through 9.  Scholarships may be awarded for up to the full tuition price to a summer learning experience.  Interested children and their families must complete a Scholarship Application Form and provide a copy of a completed summer program Registration Form.  Scholarship Application Forms have been sent home with eligible students, and copies are available from school offices or on the Foundation’s web site (www.JASDFOUNDATION.com).  Applications are due May 8, 2018, and all scholarship decisions will be made on May 9, 2018. The number of scholarships is limited, but eligible students are encouraged to apply.

 The JASD Foundation promotes the lifelong social, cultural, and educational enrichment of our students, alumni, and families through scholarships that encourage personal growth and development and develop pride in Jamestown and its legacy for future generations. 

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Last Updated- April 2018

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Initiated by the JASD School Directors, our mission calls on the JASD Foundation to make great opportunities happen for our community. As a trusted and reliable steward of the community's gifts, the Jamestown Area School District Foundation exists to promote the social, cultural, and educational enrichment of our students, alumni, and families. We foster their lifelong learning through the development and awarding of a broad spectrum of scholarships and other financial assistance that encourages personal growth and development, pride in Jamestown, and its legacy for future generations.


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